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Where can I place our order for our booth at HB Zurich?

Please place your orders for main station Zurich with this link. This is not the final version, we will call you in July to have you confirm the orders. 

When can we set up our booths in Zurich?

You can set up your booths one day before Digital Day on 2 September (starting around 08.00). More details about where you can deliver your items to will follow. During the night, the booths will be protected by security. We highly recommend that you lock valuables in the lockers provided to you or bring them on 3 September. Your material will be in your own responsibility.

When are the opening hours on Digital Day?

The opening hours will be 8.00 – 19.00. We ask all our partners at HB Zurich to respect the opening hours and not take down the booths before 19.00.

What are the guidelines for partner branding at HB Zurich?

This year again, we want to keep branding at HB Zurich to a minimum. Of course, you get logo presence on your booth (produced by Aroma), the logo loops, walls and on the website. Other than that, please respect the guidelines. We reserve the right to ask you to take down branding outside of the guidelines. 

  • Branding: Aroma will provide the print of your logo on the wall behind your booth. We don’t allow roll-ups, logo walls or any other branded material at the booths. 
  • Clothing: Your hosts are allowed to wear (minimally) branded clothing – your logo can be on the shirts or jackets of your booth staff, just please remember to keep it subtle.
  • Flyers and Give-Aways: In general, we don’t allow flyers and give-aways, unless they are clearly connected to your booth concept and the project you present. 

What are the guidelines in regards to data gathering? 

Make sure your booth is accessible for everyone without the coercion for visitors to provide their data. If you plan something where you gather data from visitors, it needs to be on a voluntary basis. 

Will there be an info point again?

Like last year, we will have an info point for visitors and staff. There, you can always find someone from our team to help you. Also, the batches for the toilets at main station Zurich will be placed there.

Communications & Website

Where do I find information on communication, including branding, visuals and communication guidelines?

You can find all the information on the platform frontify. We have updated the logos and visuals this year, so please only use the material provided on this platform. Also, you find all important dates there. 

When will be the first press release?

The first press release will be on July 10th. On this day, the website will also be communicated and we start with our communication!

When will the press conference take place?

This year, we have only one press conference on Digital Day itself: 3 September 2019 in the morning.

Where can I enter our content for the Webpage?

Here, you can log into the Website CMS and enter all your info. This guide helps you to guide through the process. You can find information on your individual login in Compass #9. Please provide your content until the end of June in at least two languages (your own and english). We approve the content and go live on July 5th with a soft launch. This yoear, we have an upgraded version of the webpage which is completely mobile friendly. 

Where can I enter our content inputs for the Digital Day channels on Social Media?

Please provide your content in our Newsroom so we can push your material on our Channels. The sooner you provide your content, the more visibility you get! 

Will there be an App again?

This year, we decided to focus on our webpage and make it mobile. Tribo will not be used again. 



When will we be able to register our VIPs?

One person from your organisation received an e-mail with the possibility to register your VIPs. After that, you have time until July 31th to register your VIPs for Bern, Zurich and Geneva. Until the deadline, you can also modify your registrations. If you received the email and you’re not the person registering the VIPs, please forward to the correct person. 

Which contingents do we have for which VIP event?

Main partners: 3x Bern | 5x Zurich | 3x Geneva | 10x Partnerlounge HB Zurich

Partners (Standard plus): 2x Bern | 4x Zurich | 2x Geneva | 10x Partnerlounge HB Zurich

Partners (swiss wide): 2x Bern | 2x Zurich | 2x Geneva

Digital Day Locations: 2x Bern | 1x Zurich | 1x Geneva

Where does the TOP VIP event take place?  

This year, the Top VIP event will take place in Bern just before the opening. Zurich and Geneva will also host local high-level VIP events (N-1).

How will the VIPs I registered know about the programme?

As soon as you have registered your VIPs on the eventbrite-Link, you will receive all the tickets and everyone you have registered will also receive their individual ticket which they can download. On the tickets, the programme is indicated. 

Will we again need to nominate the VIPs first?

In difference to last year, you don’t have to nominate the VIPs, you can directly register them and they will receive their tickets. Please check with them if they can and want to participate!

Have people from my organisation already been invited?

If we have already invited someone from your organisation individually, you were informed about that in the email we sent for the registration.

Who can we register as VIPs?

It is up to you who you want to register for the different events. Make sure they are from within your own organisation. For the Partnerlounge in Zurich, you are also free to register partner firms or your agencies to say thank you or to show the Digital Day activities. 

Do we need a ticket for the VIP events?

For all the VIP events, we can only admit guests you have nominated with a valid ticket (digital or printed). The tickets are personal and non-transferable. Nominated guests have received a link to download their ticket. 
The ultimate deadline to register guests is 23 August 2019.

What will be the programme for the different VIP events?

Partnerlounge HB Zurich

  • Time: 08.30 – 10.00 (Start Check-in: 08.00)
  • Location: Imagine, Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zurich 
  • Target Group: Partners with presence in Zurich. A thank you from us to you for your great engagement!
  • Programme: Welcome speeches / coffee & croissants, networking

VIP Bern & Official Opening of Digital Day 2019 with Ueli Maurer

  • Time: 11.00 – 12.15 (Start Check-in: 10.30) – after the VIP event, the official opening of Digital Day 2019 will take place from 12.30 – 13.15 at the station square in Bern. 
  • Location: Hotel Schweizerhof, Bahnhofplatz 11, 3001 Bern
  • Target Group: C-Level (CEOs) – this is the top VIP event of this year’s Digital Day!
  • Programme: Welcome speeches, keynote, young IT-Cracks who are there for an exchange with the invitees

VIP Zurich

  • Time: 15.00 – 16.30 (Start Check-in: 14.15)
  • Location: Imagine, Bahnhofplatz 15, 8001 Zurich 
  • Target Group: N-1 (also C-Level (high-level))
  • Programme: Welcome speeches, Lifelong Learning by Marc Walder, From Hollywood “Child of the Earth” by Hollywood movie director Claudio Faeh & Medical Doctor Martina Meier

VIP Geneva

  • Time: 16.45 – ca. 18.00 (Start Check-in: 16.30) 
  • Location: Université de Genève, Uni Mail, Boulevard du Pont-d’Arve 40, 1205 Genève (Salle M1170)
  • Target Group: Your representatives from Suisse romande
  • Programme: Conference & discussion: Swiss Digital Initiative: how can we implement ethics and fairness in digitalization

Who can we contact in case of questions regarding VIP?

Pascal Schöni, pascal.schoeni@digitalswitzerland.com, 077 413 48 68





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