Deadlines and Deliverables


Workshop #4 Operations: 

Suisse romande:
18 June 2019, 2pm – 4.30pm,
Location: tibits, Place de la Gare 11, 1003 Lausanne (1st floor)

Deutschschweiz (NEW DATE): 
27 June 2019, 09.30am – 12pm,
Aroma, Binzmühlestrasse 170c, 8050 Zürich

Fill in contract info

(Deadline: 15. APril)

Please provide the information for setting up the contracts. 

Announce interest in “TELL”

(Deadline: 15. APril)

Are you interested in organising a Tell (World Café)? Great! Please let Pascal Schöni know (pascal.schoeni@digitalswitzerland.com).  

SET UP A Communication Call

(Deadline: 15. mai) 

Do a 30 min call with Marcel Kamm. The goal of this call is to find communication synergies.


  • What are your communication channels you will use for Digital Day?
  • How can we support you best? How can you support us best?

Finalise your concepts 
(Deadline: 15. mai) 

You know what you want to do on Digital Day and let us know about your concept (laura@digitalswitzerland.com).

For partners with booth in Zurich: You know how your booth will look like and what furnishing, panel prints and technology you need from us. We will gather all the information until the end of June. Please place your orders here

    share your stories in the news room

    (Deadline: 2 Weeks before publication) 

    Share your stories with the newsroom. You can find all information around the newsroom, visuals, design ‘dos and donts’ and communication guidelines on the platform frontify


    (deadline: 21. JUNE)

    Like last year, you are in charge of submitting your content for the webpage. Please submit your content in 1 language by 31. May. After that, we will approve the content so you can start with the translations. You can login to your website CMS here. Also, this is the guide to help you navigate the CMS. 


    (deadline: 21. June)

    With this link, you can place your orders for your booth at HB Zurich.

    Upload your Logo

    (Deadline: 30. June)

    Please ensure your logo meets the following criteria:

    Data type:
    Vectorized PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator (original file)

    Monochrome logos without color gradients are used. If color gradients are present in the logo file, they will be removed or replaced.

    If fonts are used in the logo, the fonts must be archived attached to the logo, or the fonts must be converted as paths.

    Nominate your data café experts 

    (Deadline: 30. june)

    If you would like to include your experts in the Data Café at HB Zürich, please let Pascal Schöni know (pascal.schoeni@digitalswitzerland.com). 

    Register YOUR VIP’S

    (DEADLINE: 31. July)

    VIP Process: Please register your VIPs until 31 July. One person of your organisation has received the link to register the VIPs. 

    If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

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